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surreal and disturbing.

Another animation from my favorite comedy animator of all time. Laughed my ass off as usual, just never know what to expect from your vids but they are always gold without fail. It pisses me off that this only got less than 4,000 views in nearly 2 months. I can barely stand watching the other garbage on this site when brilliant stuff like this gets largely ignored :(

But for some reason loads of people just don't get your humor, which is crazy to me cuz I can't even imagine the state of mind of someone who doesn't find this funny! I guess they're just used to typical generic 'jokes' which bore the fuck out of me. Original stuff like this is what I look for, and RomeoJR dishes it out again. Never give up!

Love all your work. Hilarious as always. My favorite Newgrounds author for years, the only reason I still come back to this site.. MORE! pls.

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Wasn't expecting to beat this game but it really held my interest all the way through and never became too frustrating or boring. Like others said.. it was a bit of a spiritual experience and has truly been a relaxing diversion for me. Kudos for thinking outside the box (and pixel).


I feel like I won the game when I went into the bathroom and electrocuted her to death within 30sec.

which coffin should i taake...?

thinking-man responds:

All of them.


I felt like I was wasting my time playing this at first.. but the super upgrade made it all worth the effort.

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I'm giving this a 10 beacuase ...

The voice where prty good.


I loved the melody. Sounds like a song straight out of the 70s.

Denvish responds:

Heh, written in the late 90s but I know what you mean

So.. fucking AWESOME.

Best song on Newgrounds. Straight guys make the best gay music.

I can't believe you submitted this 2 years ago and I'm only hearing it now. I remember Marc M's Bush rendition, but I never saw this. It couldn't have been better. I hope Marc has heard it.

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Kevin Bacon looks quite sincere and deadly. He will murder my family.


holy SHIT! Are fucking kidding me? This is retardedly spectacular. It shocked me with its utter perfection as soon as the page loaded. I literally gasped.. THIS IS THE DIGITAL AGE'S MONA LISA.

egher responds:

Hahaha... hopefully... Monalisa replaced by Klodi? XD


How the hell did this get third place? Should have been first place and front page.

Just simply breathtaking. The colors.. the vibrant neon fluid leaking from the sky.. so otherworldly like I've never seen before.

Kamikaye responds:

Thx man :D

watch out honeys, kinda nippy out there tonight..

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